This is an introvert’s world

James Brown sang ‘this is a man’s world’ but in this time of Covid-19, I truly believe that we are now living in an introvert’s world. And about time, I say. As a life-long (and proud) introvert, I am enjoying the fact that millions of people across the world have been forced to slow down, […]

The ring

The ring was the first serious gift Bill had ever given to her. Courting during a summer shared with a world war had heightened the intensity of first love. Dulcie remembered the days spent at the beach, the heat of the sun relieved only by the dash into the foamy waves, the water cool on […]

Going home…

Sydney on a rainy February evening. My senses are heightened by the late summer humidity. First down Oxford Street into Paddington. Past the Chauvel and the Barracks. The bus stops near the Beauchamp (the Bee-cham); passengers getting on and off. A woman waits for the back door to open. She calls out “back door” in […]

The clothes maketh the woman…

I am wearing a corset as I type this. It is a Friday evening and I am dressed to attend a masquerade ball. It is such a new and curious feeling that I pause, before going out, to record the sensation before it disappears. It’s an underbust corset with pinstripe fabric. It would be the […]

Welcome to the jungle

My name is Claire and I’ve always been intrigued by monkeys. I was born in the Year of the Monkey, my favourite novel is called Monkey Grip, I once had a monkey thrown on to my shoulder in a market in Morocco and, of course, those playful chimps are our long lost ancestors… So, it […]